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Going Places – April 2020

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Editor’s Notes

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Page 28, paragraph 2
Over the years, the flat six tones may have changed and muted somewhat: from the air cooled engine to the “insulated” liquid cooled models, and the current turbo models now equipping most new Porsche Boxer engines. 

Page 30, paragraph 1
Ted and Kathy Vander Hoek (“TK”), winter part-timers in our region from the Seattle area chatted about their 1987 911 M491 Carrera Cabriolet “Non-turbo” Factory wide body, conspicuously absent of the turbo. In 1984, Porsche introduced the M491 option, commonly known as the “Turbo­look. Based on the well accepted flat-six Turbo model, the Turbo aesthetic is retained, though naturally aspirated in this 3.2L arrangement. The M491 shares the 930 Turbo’s wide wheel arches, wide wheels and the “tea tray” spoiler. According to Ted, only 300 of these “Non-Turbo” wide bodies were imported to the USA.  A lovely classic 911, breathing freely in Sedona’s clean and fresh environment.