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AZ PCA Track Weekend & TT @ Podium Club

April 14, 2023 @ 5:30 am April 16, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Last hurrah before summer break!

Please join us at the Podium Club in Casa Grande, AZ for a shared three day event with Porsche Owner’s Club (POC), and our last track event of the 2022/2023 season!

Qualified Drivers: Depending on the day, there will be up to three groups which will be separated by experience/skill level: Novice/Student, Intermediate and Experienced/Advanced.  If you are not yet solo qualified, and you want to attend all three days, consider signing up for one of our prior events to get solo’d before this one.  Solo qualified/approved means that you have been signed off by an instructor to drive on your own. If you have driven with us before in a DE2 or above group, you are considered “solo approved”.  We do recognize “solo approved/qualified” drivers from other PCA regions or organizations like NASA, SCCA, etc provided we can verify your status. 

  • Friday (Open Track):  Solo-approved drivers only.  50 min open track sessions throughout the day.  Get your practice on! 
  • Saturday (HPDE): Solo-approved drivers only.  HPDE with Time Trial optional add-in available.
  • Sunday (HPDE): Open to all HPDE groups including Novice/Students.  In-car instruction for our DE1 group will be provided. 

To ensure everyone registered has a good time at the track, the amount of cars in each run group is limited.

Time Trials: Two extra sessions (morning/afternoon) of official timed runs on Saturday are available as an add-on to your registration.  See how you stack against the rest of the pack!  The time trial session will consist of a warm up lap followed by 2-3 hot laps.  Only your best time counts!  A MyLaps / AMB transponder is required.  We have a limited number available to rent. 

POC Club Racing: Porsche Owner’s Club (POC) will be sharing the track with us and will be running their club races on Saturday and Sunday in-between our HPDE and TT sessions.  This should provide plenty of excitement and entertainment during your down time!  All club racing registration must be done though Porsche Owner’s Club registration page. 

Wanna just hang out and lend a hand? We are always looking for folks to help us run these events.  If you’d like to volunteer to help us, we’d love that!  There is a registration option for volunteering and you can pick from several different roles of participation.

Registration fees:

  • Extended Weekend Pass: $450 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Weekend Pass: $335 Saturday & Sunday only
  • Sunday: $275 (only for Student/Novice group)
  • $30 Time Trial optional add-on for Saturday
  • Discounted rates for Instructors – limited availablity
Not a PCA member yet?  Don’t own a Porsche? That’s okay- non PCA members are still welcome to participate or volunteer! 

If you are a Porsche owner but do not yet have a PCA membership, you can sign up today at  Annual membership is $46 and comes with other benefits, however, PCA membership is NOT a requirement to attend this event. 


Podium Club at Attesa is located at 6870 S Bianco Rd, Casa Grande, AZ 85193  link: Podium Club at Attesa

Event requirements

Pre-Registration Requirements:

Age & License Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license to participate in this event. You will be required to present your driver’s license at check-in. 

Speedwaiver Requirement 

Speedwaiver is a new method of electronically signing the required PCA waivers to attend driving events.  Historically, we have had attendees sign these waivers in person at the gates during check-in.  However, this new process allows you to sign the waivers electronically, utilizing your smart phone (You must have a smart phone to e-sign).  After you have registered for the event, a text message will be sent to your phone to start the electronic signature process.  After sucessfully signing the waivers, a link will be provided to access your signatures at a future date.  It’s helpful if you just take a screenshot of your waiver credentials and save it to your phone so you can access it quickly.  You’ll need to show this proof to the person at the gate, so don’t forget to bring your cell phone! 

Helmets / Clothing

You must have a Snell rated (SA2015 or SA2020) automotive helmet.  SA2010 will no longer be allowed. Open-faced and closed-face style helmets are permitted, however, motorcycle helmets are not permitted- these usually have the designation “M” preceeding the year i.e. M2010 or M2015.  If you do not own a helmet that meets those requirement, AZ PCA has used helmets available in very limited quantity and size at the track for rent.  Please specify that you need to rent one during the registration process. Closed toe shoes are required and pants are preferred (no shorts please). 

Check-in / Schedule

Check-in at the track is will be conducted at the gate entry to the track. Gates open at 6:30 am and check-in closes at approximately 7:30 am when the driver’s meeting starts.  A schedule will be provided at check-in.  

Driver Check-In Requirements and Drivers Meeting

Check in will be conducted at the gate entry to the track – Prepare for a line.  You must check in at the gate prior to the mandatory driver’s meeting that starts at approximately 7:30 am to document that you are present.  When you check in at the gate, you will need to present your Driver’s License- please make sure you have it on hand with you so that we can provide you your registration packet.  The registration packet consists of the day’s schedule, vehicle safety tech form, track map, and wrist bands for your run group. Check in closes 5 minutes before the driver’s meeting starts- if you have not (at minimum) checked in at the gate before the meeting starts, you will not be permitted to participate in the event and your registration may be forfeited per the cancellation terms.  Prepare for a line at the gate and arrive early. You have a one hour window to check in- from approximately 6:30 am to 7:30 am. 

Vehicle Pre-Technical Inspection and Vehicle Numbers

A pre-technical inspection is to be performed on your car prior to the event.  If you are qualified to complete the inspection on your own, you may do so i.e. self-tech is ok.  Otherwise, have a shop perform the tech inspection for you.  If you are self-tech’ing, print your name on the form where it states “Tech Inspector Name”

Download and print out the pre-tech form here:  2023 PCA Driver Tech Form.pdf

Complete the pre-tech form and bring it with you to the event.  You will turn it in when the final safety tech is performed at the event. 

If you are not qualified nor know someone that is qualified to perform the pre-tech inspection, the following two shops are able to perform the pre-tech inspection for you:

Trackside Motorsports in Scottsdale, AZ

McIlvain Motors in Tempe, AZ

AZ Euros in Mesa, AZ

The final safety tech at the morning of the event will consist of checking for: Loose objects in the car, functioning brake light, gas cap and battery secure, wheel lugs torqued, any leaking fluids, approved helmet, proper attire, and car numbers in place (you will choose your car number during the registration process here).  Vehicle numbers are to be placed on both the driver and passenger door.  Numbers must be 10″ tall or greater.  Using blue or white painter’s tape to form numbers is acceptable.  It is recommended that you get to the event early enough to avoid long lines at vehicle tech. 

If you want to get a head start on the weekend (and we highly recommend it), we will be conducting early check-in and have vehicles being safety inspected early at the track between 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Friday April 15 for those participating in the weekend pass.  If you are attending the extended weekend event, you will be able to safety tech your car Friday morning or Thursday late afternoon.  Please bring your vehicle pre-tech form and your car to the track and we will provide your registration packet and get your vehicle safety tech’d for the weekend. 

Harnesses and HANS Devices

If your vehicle has a multi-point harness system, you are also required to utilize a head and neck restraint system (HANS device). Because the PCA rule of equal restraint applies, if there will be a passenger in your car (such as an instructor) there must be both a harness system and a HANS device available and used by that passenger.

Convertibles must have roll-over protection- either built in from the OEM, or aftermarket. Porsche convertibles from the beginning of the Boxster era have adequate built-in roll over protection from the factory. Convertibles should be driven with the top-up. If there is no convertible top, hand restraints must be worn. 

Sound Restrictions for Podium Club

There are no sound restrictions! 

Track Layout

6870 S Bianco Rd
Casa Grande, 85193
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